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Finally... an online career center that matches your skills, values, and interests to a career that's right for you!

CareerDNA has exactly what you need to be authentic to yourself and set your career goals, build a winning career strategy, and achieve your maximum potential.

CareerDNA can help you...

• discover what you're good at
• realize your goals and ambitions
• tap into your talents
• feel confident about your future

You'll get...

• interactive assessment tools
• career mapping and personal marketing resources
• professional coaching and mentoring help...
• all in your own virtual career workstation...

These powerful tools are available to you at a fraction of the price you'd pay for traditional offline career counseling services. Sign up now to find the career of your dreams, CareerDNA's proven results can give you the competitive edge you've been looking for.

What is CareerDNA?

dr.schwartzCareerDNA is an interactive career mentoring and counseling center that helps you cultivate a career (and a future) you can be passionate about. Based on the work of renowned career counselor Dr. A. Brian Schwartz.

  • Discover your true personality - your skills, values, interests and passions...
  • Tap into your natural talents to choose a career that's right for you and pinpoint your job search...
  • Create a compelling marketing plan that promotes YOU and what YOU have to offer - with marketing tools to perfect your "elevator pitch" and answer tough interview questions ...
  • Receive expert career guidance in the form of emails and tutorials from our career coaching experts...